Dr. Marnie Luck is a naturopathic doctor who has a special interest in digestive issues, women’s health (menopause, menstrual concerns, and fertility) and weight management.

In this episode Dr. Marnie exposes her ample knowledge about vaginas. The society we live in tend to be close minded about women’s genitals, imprinting lots of prejudgements in girls from a very young age about how they should and should not relate to their vaginas. As a result, women tend not to have good connections and knowledge concerning their vaginas, ignoring what is and isn’t normal and even essential biological aspects of their own vaginas.

Dr. Marnie discloses without shame every detail you want to know about your vagina, how often you should have testings, what is a normal discharge and even the right terminology, among other interesting data about women’s health that can be related to vaginal health.

Dr. Marnie has been called the Vagina Queen, listen to this episode and find out why.

Key Takeaways:

[1:49] Dr. Marnie’s professional and personal life briefing.

[3:07] How did the Dr. become the “Vagina Queen”?

[5:49] Basics about the vagina and the vulva.

[7:24] Using the right terminology.

[9:41] It is recommended to have a PAP exam every three years, or according to your sexual health.

[11:11] Feminine products should not be scented!

[12:08] What is normal regarding vaginal discharge?

[14:24] Characteristics of an abnormal discharge.

[16:48] Probiotics usage.

[18:43] Prepartum and postpartum women and vaginal health.

[19:36] Having a therapy dog at the clinic!

[20:58] Basics of naturopathic medicine that Dr. Kristy uses in her everyday life.

[22:45] Living for one year in Brazil, meeting different role models.

[25:47] Creating space for feelings.

[29:45] Mistakes Dr. ….is grateful for.

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“We overcomplicate things, people have to go back to the simple.” #therebelpodcast #simplicity

“If it doesn’t feel right, change it.”#therebelpodcast #takeaction

“About body literacy: The vagina is not all the women’s anatomy between their legs, that would be the vulva. The vagina is the internal area, an elastic muscular tissue that is inside the body.” #therebelpodcast #bodyliteracy #vagina #vulva

“Most teachers exposed to the current new curriculum did not know the difference between a vulva and a vagina.” #therebelpodcast #bodyliteracy #vagina #vulva

“There are a lot of chemicals in scented products and these compounds can act as really strong estrogens, shifting your hormones. Don´t put them in your body!” #therebelpodcast #scentedproducts #hormonesshift

“Your vagina is a self cleaning oven, the discharge is made of cells of your vagina muscle membrane and bacteria.” #therebelpodcast #vaginadischarge