Stephanie Dodier is an emotional eating expert who teaches women to go beyond the food by first understanding why there is a desire to eat. Start by asking yourself: What is my relationship with the food I have been eating? Am I trying to fit in a model? Why am I binging? Am I numbing my pain with food?

Stephanie proposes to understand the behavior before trying to control it. This is the reason why most women tend to engage and fail in numerous diets, feeling guilty and shameful afterward, perpetuating a cycle of emotional eating.

In this podcast, you will learn about emotional and intuitive eating, what dictates your body image, and the emotions you have towards yourself. Learn concepts such as body and food neutrality, and discover a different way to see yourself. It is possible to live a life without guilt, fear, and restriction.

Key Takeaways:

[1:20] Stephanie Dodier career briefing.

[2:43] How Stephanie got to where she is now?

[5:06] Going beyond the food.

[7:42] Understanding the behavior before trying to control it.

[8:31] Core issues that are common to women in general.

[10:55] Traumatic events shape how we react to our emotions.

[12:13] Body image, how you engage with your physical body.

[13:44] Discover your internal nutritionist or intuitive eating.

[15:05] Babies know when to eat and when to stop, this is intuitive eating.

[18:15] Becoming neutral about food.

[21:30] A real case of an overweight woman with two overweight children.

[24:50] Body neutrality: A bridge between hating your body and body positivity.

[27:46] Failing on body “positivity”.

[31:11] Health at every size.

[34:13] Why are you chasing weight loss?

[40:01] Rapid fire questions!

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“You need to understand what is driving the behavior instead of trying to control it” #therebelpodcast #reasons

“Emotional management and capacity can be taught.”#therebelpodcast #emotionalacceptance

“Intuitive eating is the ability to feel your body, and this is very difficult when you have been dieting your whole life.”#therebelpodcast #intuition #eating

“It is possible to become neutral towards food leaving fear, guilt and restriction behind” #therebelpodcast #neutrality

“We engage with our bodies in visual, affective, cognitive, and behavioral ways, that way we define if we hate, love or are neutral towards our bodies.”#therebelpodcast #bodyimage

“The relation between health and weight is not that evident, there is a healthy version of every size.”#therebelpodcast #healthateverysize

“Weight is a symptom that your body keeps on fat to protect from something that can be emotional, spiritual, mental or physical.”#therebelpodcast #weight #symptom

“Ask yourself: Am I really chasing weight loss for health or to fit in, to be accepted, to be loved?”#therebelpodcast #weighloss #reasons

“Happiness is from within not from the way you look” #therebelpodcast #happiness