Dr. Talia Marcheggiani is a naturopathic doctor practicing in Toronto, Canada. Talia believes in treating the cause of disease, not just symptoms, by using gentle, natural medicines to help the body return to a state of health and balance. She understands that taking the time to listen carefully to patients’ stories is essential to healing. The healing process is often a time for growth and self-discovery in her patients, that she feels privileged to witness. She focuses her practice on mental health, endocrinology and community medicine.

In this episode, Dr. Talia details how our brains work while suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. Her deep knowledge of neuroscience is combined with mindfulness practices and also with microdosing, an approach that consists in taking low doses of psychedelic drugs in order to prevent and treat symptoms of depression.

Dr. Talia talks about mental and physical barriers, that can holds us back from making the changes needed for a healthier and more balanced life.  Listen to this podcast and be inspired by this out-of-the-box conversation about neuroscience, mental health and mindfulness.

Key Takeaways:

[1:33] Michelle introduces Dr. Talia Marcheggiani.

[3:28] How did Dr. Marcheggiani start working on mental health?

[7:20] What are the barriers that are preventing people from taking action in their own lives?

[10:41] Mental and physical barriers.

[11:35] Mindfulness benefits.

[12:48] Disconnection between mind and body.

[15:29] Learning mindfulness skills for preventing depression and anxiety relapse.

[17:50] Shadow self.

[19:40] Correlation between shadow self, depression and anxiety.

[21:22] What is microdosing?

[24:00] Psychedelics for mental health.

[27:06] How do psychedelics work on the brain?

[30:00] Different serotonin receptors have different functions.

[32:25] Positive mood states reflected in the brain.

[37:30] Adrenal fatigue.

[38:04] Cortisol effects on the body.

[41:06] Antidepressants.

[43:01] Resilience as an active coping mechanism.

[47:43] Tips to deal with depression.

[56:13] Failure that Dr. Talia is grateful for.

[1:00:01] What makes Dr. Talia rebellious?

[1:01:54] Rapid fire questions.

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