Jordan Bokser is the business growth and sales communication executive at Designs for Health.

In this episode Jordan will share how we can use supplements to optimize our health, but this talk is mainly about spirituality, masculine and feminine energies, how to balance them and the impact these energies have on relationships.

Jordan is a wild spirit, seeking for more connection and less attachment, his view on life and his perspective about its challenges will inspire you to think outside the box and get in touch with your essence.


Key Takeaways:

[3:26] Jordan introduces himself.

[5:56] Jordan’s podcast.

[7:19] Stereotypes about men and women.

[9:00] Learning Tantra.

[11:15] Being more sensitive.

[12:03] We are all the same thing, you can build a deep connection with anyone.

[16:01] Different cultures embrace people differently.

[18:07] Instagram madness.

[19:25] The social media zombies.

[20:08] Isolation.

[21:50] Building community through meditation.

[23:10] This generation does not have to leave the house to connect.

[26:50] Simulation theories.

[30:59] Meditating daily.

[32:08] Nootropics.

[32:31] Products that are selling more at Designs for Health.

[33:58] Hacking anxiety by not attaching to it.

[34:53] Buddhism is mastering your weak mind.

[37:27] Insights you can have while meditating.

[39:02] Creativeness along with the menstrual cycle.

[43:21] I just want to be able to be me.

[44:20] Feminine and masculine energies and their balance.

[46:10] Stories of Monks.

[49:27] Life is meaningless until you attach meaning to it.

[51:01] Rapid fire questions.

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Quotes and Tweetables:

“Men are more sensitive than what we give them credit for.” #therebelpodcast #sensitivity

“The facade of toughness breaks really quickly for men, they just don’t know how to connect to their hearts.” #therebelpodcast #masculinity #tough #sensitive #heart #connection 

“Everyone wants to be loved and give love, we are all basically the same thing.”  #therebelpodcast #love #weareone

“To build a deeper connection, have genuine interest for what the other person has to say.” #therebelpodcast #connection #genuine #listen

“The sperm quality of this generation is half as good as the previous.” #therebelpodcast #sperm #generations

“When you are focused on community you are going to win.” #therebelpodcast #community #connection #isolation

“Our lives are a school and the souls get addicted to the human experience.” #therebelpodcast #souls #life #beinghuman

“Hacking anxiety by not attaching to it.” #therebelpodcast #anxiety #management #attachment

“Buddhism is mastering your weak mind.” #therebelpodcast #buddhism #mind #weak

“There is a lesson in everything, and everything is always in balance.” #therebelpodcast #lesson #balance #nocontrol