Anna and Lindy are the founders of LOVE POWERED Co. Affirmation Cards, they are friends, soul sisters and mom entrepreneurs on a mission, and realized that together, they have a powerful message to share with the world.

Practicing positive I AM affirmations became a daily ritual in their households. Stating them changed how they felt in an instant. But more than this, they both noticed that the positive effects these statements were having on them — feeling empowered, confident, energized, inspired, motivated and at the same time, peaceful, calm and open — persisted well after they were done speaking the words.

This way, Anna and Lindy decided to uplevel people’s consciousness and enjoyment of life through their awesome affirmations. They started off doing affirmations for children, working on their self esteems and confidence, as well as working as facilitators of conversations with their families. They also created Love Powered Teen and Love Powered Fem.

In this episode Anna and Lindy talk about the science behind affirmations, how they came up with this idea, their vision, motivation, their mentors and their contribution for a better mental health and quality of living, one affirmation card at a time.

Key Takeaways:

[1:18] Broken Brain 2 docu-series.

[5:13] Using affirmations.

[7:33] How did Anna and Lindy come up with the idea of making affirmation cards?

[10:58] How did Love Powered Co. start?

[12:43] Cards help women connect to their higher selves.

[14:38] The science behind affirmations.

[16:38] Children are naturally intuitive beings and they need to get credit for that.

[17:27] Benefits of affirmations: success stories.

[20:37] How do Lindy and Anna stay motivated?

[23:10] Lindy and Anna’s mentors.

[24:40] How do they connect to universal messages?

[26:35] Staying healthy.

[27:58] How to use affirmations in daily life to cultivate the connection with our families?

[31:08] Definitions of big concepts for little people.

[33:15] Sisterhood and business.

[36:55] Advice for female entrepreneurs: act on your ideas!

[39:50] How did Anna and Lindy begin on this endeavour?

[43:10] Being brave!

[46:19] Failures are opportunities.

[48:19] Being rebellious.

[50:38] Rapid fire questions.

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