In this awesome episode, three strong women share their experiences as new moms, unique moments, love, complications, challenges and the encounter with the lack of proper information and understanding about the singularity of every woman in these magical, and at the same time, intense times in the life of a woman.

Ayla Khosroshahi shares her story about the traumatic birth of her first baby that lasted 4 days, followed by a not much easier breastfeeding. Currently, she is pregnant of her second baby and preparing herself for a new experience, along with the support of professionals, family and friends.

Dr. Allie Cain talks about how an induction three weeks before term was the best possible option to deliver her baby, but even after her baby was born another complication unfolded, breastfeeding was painful and not sufficient to satiate her baby’s hunger. After many weeks of battling, Allie realized she could not breastfeed her baby.

Nikki Bergen tells the story of how she had a hard time conceiving, but finally had the natural birth she was dreaming about. Challenges started for Nikki when breastfeeding time came and it was nothing like what she expected. Also, Nikki, who already have a heart condition, was told she needed a heart surgery only three weeks after her baby was born, what  brought a new complication in the breastfeeding journey.

The question that leads this amazing conversation is ”What about the mom?”. These amazing women have some rich advice, sometimes hard to find in books and in the general professional arena. Listen to this episode and be inspired to become an advocate for yourself in order to not get lost in the postpartum phase.

Key Takeaways:

[5:50] First women round table.

[6:14] Ayla Khosroshahi introduces herself and Mindset Ninja.

[7:33] Dr. Alli Cain introduces herself.

[8:14] Nikki Bergen, The Belle Method.

[10:10] Ayla´s breast feeding story.

[15:59] Dr.Alli Cain’s story.

[32:01] What about the mom?

[36:32] Deciding to stop breastfeeding.

[42.17] Bonding with your child.

[43:31] Medicated or unmedicated birth.

[46:01] Feeling shame and failure.

[46:53] Three things they wish they knew about breastfeeding.

[48:25] Have a plan B and C.

[52:00] Receiving judgement from medical professionals.

[55:35] Find the best doctor for you, it needs to be the best fit for you.

[57:22] What make these three amazing women rebellious?

[59:37] When your baby is born, find your new self!

[1:01:04] Find support to navigate the transition after your baby is born.

[1:02:33] Rapid fire questions.

[1:07:30] Making difficult decisions.

[1:10:45] Having a supporting system for both mother and father.

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“Find the best doctor for you, there can be a better fit if you are not feeling ok” #therebelpodcast #breastfeeding #doctor #bestfit #change