Ayla Khosroshahi is a master in building leaders, and this episode is all about leadership. Whether you are a CEO or the leader of your family you are going to get something very valuable from this conversation, learning how to be a leader in your own life, understanding your personal value and empowering your own skills.

During this inspiring episode, Ayla explains why leadership does not mean the same thing to everyone, the reasons why you should start with yourself in order to be a good leader, the three core approaches to leadership, the importance of holding space, and how to use your voice to connect with others effectively, among other powerful tools to unleash the leader within you.

Key Takeaways:

[2:15] Join the free info session at The Poppy Clinic.

[6:52] Leadership is not “one size fits all” and neither are you.

[8:01] What leadership means and how you can incorporate it in your everyday life.

[12:05] Starting to be a leader in your own life.

[12:43] Self awareness and personal accountability.

[13:58] Three core approaches, first: Engage in your “why”.

[14:35] Second: Cocreate reality.

[15:50] Third: Always connect before you correct.

[16:47] What makes Ayla so passionate about leading?

[19:02] How do you approach the situation when you feel strong emotions from someone?

[21:04] Connect with your intuition.

[23:35] Change is possible when you conduct yourself in the right way.

[27:05] How to feel safe to open up.

[27:44] Write your feelings if you can’t verbalize them easily.

[30:28] Take your time to understand your thoughts and feelings.

[32:25] Using your voice in an effective manner.

[34:42] Grounded tone of voice.

[41:35] The power of “taking a breath”.

[45:03] Create sustainable results.

[46:20] Integration is the critical element.

[48:43] Intimate + Intensive workshop.

[52:40] Rapid fire questions.

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