Kristina Kastelanac is a naturopathic doctor who always knew she trusted the inner ability of her body to heal, and by the age of 12, she decided she wanted to be a naturopath.

During this amazing episode, Kristina emphasize the interconnection between our bodies and emotions, and how our mind’s story and our body’s story talk to us through signs and symptoms that need to be acknowledged separately in order to avoid repeating patterns. She explains the  fight, flight and freeze responses and how to track them in your system, in order to later bring yourself back to a “rest and digest mode”.

Kristina wonderfully unpacks how the nervous system works and how we react to stress and fear. She leads the audience into a guided exercise to assist listeners in being present and acknowledging their bodily sensations and responses to their emotions. In the society we live in, people are not encouraged to really listen to their body sensations, they have  other priorities, plans and there is a tendency to push aside these valuable signs our bodies are expressing, until they become symptoms.

Kristina presents the Body Wise Insights course, and outlines the most important contents and steps in an amazing journey, in which participants learn how to unwind their nervous systems and support them settling back down.

Key Takeaways:

[3:44] How did Dr. Kristina got interested in naturopathic medicine?

[6:43] Empowering patients to uncover their own healing ability.

[7:45] Body Wise Insights.

[9:25] Neuroception: respond of the body to threat.

[10:28] Empowering ourselves to feel the fear.

[11:34] Mind’s story vs body’s story.

[15:03] The fight or flight response needs to be renegotiated.

[18:01] Body and emotions are interconnected.

[20:21] Today’s culture.

[22:03] The nervous system unpacked.

[27:30] Guided Exercise: Acknowledging bodily sensations to deal with stress.

[35:05] Exercise to realize your response to fear.

[35:25] Fight, flight or freeze.

[38:34] Why are we so disconnected from our body sensations?

[40:04] Resentment in the healing journey.

[42:51] Resilience.

[44:30] The value of connection and community.

[45:45] Energetic medicine.

[46:30] Connect with your intuition.

[48:40] The doctor’s boundaries.

[51:01] The ability of holding space.

[51:51] What is different? What’s new? What has changed?

[57:15] Rapid fire questions.

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