Gigi Yogini is joining Michelle Peris to engage in a candid and powerful conversation about women during prenatal and postpartum faces, talking about body positivity but mostly addressing the overarching ideas of women’s empowerment and wellbeing, and the importance of reclaiming the power of femininity in this particular stage in women’s lives. Topics as miscarriage, fear, faith, community, support and collaboration are being addressed while light is being shed over common myths and preconceptions about women’s experiences during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum phases.

Gigi Yogini is an E-RYT yoga teacher and wellness leader who has been teaching yoga since 2009. A passionate advocate for body positivity and women’s empowerment. Gigi is dedicated to sharing yoga as a tool for cultivating courage, building confidence and creating community. A twin mama with a Master Degree in Communication. Gigi creates opportunities for heart-centered sharing to help women navigate through the challenges and celebrations of motherhood.

Key Takeaways:

[1:35] Gigi Yogini talks about her personal journey.

[5:05] Prenatal and perinatal population and body positivity.

[10:33] Community of women interacting and giving themselves permission and time to heal.

[11:42] Moving from fear into faith.

[13:20] Whatever your choice is, move in that direction with faith.

[19:01] The right of passage, the birth of the baby gives birth to a mother.

[20:14] Be your best friend.

[22:10] Fear of miscarriage and the “secrecy” of the first 12 weeks.

[25:01] The miscarriage myths. The learning in every loss.

[29:00] Step into faith because birth always has unexpected plans.

[31:16] Importance of building a team.

[32:45] Eliminate due dates!

[36:02] Sacred circles.

[40:56] Collaboration and support among women.

[41:18] Key features that makes a circle successful.

[47:29] Lesson in life that propelled Gigi forward.

[49:03] What makes Gigi rebellious?

[49:22] Rapid fire questions.

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“Using yoga to build courage and confidence both on and off the mat.” #therebelpodcast #yoga #courage #confidence

“A postpartum belly is shameful when it was celebrated minutes before birth.” #therebelpodcast #postpartum 

“Fear and faith are two sides of the same coin, because during both you believe in something that isn’t necessarily true.” #therebelpodcast #fear #faith #beliefs

“Whatever we believe we have a tendency to manifest.” #therebelpodcast #believe #manifest

“Whatever your choice is, move in that direction with faith.” #therebelpodcast #trust #faith #choices

“Be your best friend, talk to yourself in the same way you would talk to a friend.” #therebelpodcast #kind #beyourbestfriend

“There’s a gift in every loss.” #therebelpodcast #opportunity #loss

“When you share your story other people can help you.” #therebelpodcast #share #help

“Step into faith because birth always has unexpected plans.” #therebelpodcast #faith #flexibility #trust