Alyssa Bertram is the CEO and Founder of Easy Period, a service that delivers 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene products right to your door and donates a portion of the profits to delivering sanitary pads to Kenyan girls. Alyssa supports the movement to end menstrual shame and promote access to safe products for all girls and women. She has a passion for empowering women and helping them fulfill their dreams.

In this fabulous episode, Alyssa shares the values and foundations of her company, promoting awareness about women’s cycles, replacing shame with honuoring women’s stages. Alyssa describes the different moments in our cycles comparing them to seasons, what energies are related to each of them, and encouraging women to embrace the different moods and feelings associated with each phase, while connecting to the beauty and power of every part of the cycle.

Key Takeaways:

[1:54] Alyssa Bertram introduces herself.

[2:15] What gave Alyssa the idea of delivering hygiene products to your door?

[4:09] The environmental standpoint of Easy Period.

[5:28] Glyphosate in women’s products.

[6:28] Fragrances and the shame of odor.

[9:04] Creating awareness.

[10:36] Creating a different conversation about our periods.

[16:14] Honoring women’s cycles.

[17:18] Menstrual cycle awareness.

[22:55] What motivated Alyssa to promote cycle awareness.

[25:01] How to tap into the right opportunities.

[27:18] Give yourself permission to say “No”.

[28:10] Learning lessons in Alyssa’s journey.

[29:53] Learning to give up control.

[31:02] Celebrating women.

[34:30] No matter what stage you are at, you always have something to offer.

[35:18] The power of sharing your story.

[37:37] Where is Alyssa’s product delivered to?

[37:56] Tips to be a better consumer of feminine products.

[39:39] What difference Alyssa’s products have made in women’s lives.

[41:40] Advice to women who seek more fulfillment in their lives.

[43:44] Alyssa’s donation project.

[46:30] Alyssa’s favorite life lesson.

[49:24] Rapid fire questions.

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“Our bodily functions inherently create an odor, we have to normalize what is natural.” #therebelpodcast #mentrualcycle #noshame

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“Setting boundaries is the most generous thing we can do.” #therebelpodcast #boundaries #sayno

“No matter what stage you are at, you always have something to offer.” #therebelpodcast #giving #women

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