Dr. Sarah Vadeboncoeur is a naturopathic doctor and a clinic director in Ottawa, Ontario. Her practice is almost exclusively centered on supporting women with thyroid function and hormonal health. In this amazing episode Dr. Michelle and Dr. Sarah will dive deep into female sex hormones, thyroid health, what tests you need to be advocating for yourself, what are the optimal ranges for these labs, how Dr. Sarah and naturopathic doctors approach hormone dysfunction and how to optimize your health through nutrition and natural interventions.

You will listen to this episode over and over again while you figure out your own fatigue, Dr. Sarah is a fatigue fighter and her mission is to support women and to help them find their own definition of balance so that they can thrive, fill their cup and best support their tribe.

Key Takeaways:

[2:58] How Dr. Sarah started in naturopathic medicine.

[6:42] Unpacking the hormonal picture.

[7:03] Fatigue is the number one reason for women to consult Dr. Sarah.

[8:55] The right testing to check inflammation.

[10:24] Reference and optimal ranges.

[11:06] TSH as a doorbell.

[11:50] T4 is a better way to know what your thyroid is doing.

[12:44] T3 is the hormone that gives you energy.

[13:22] Thyroid antibodies and Hashimoto.

[14:20] Reverse T3 is the hibernation hormone.

[16:13] Body temperature and thyroid disorders.

[19:01] Unpacking stress levels, coping and social support.

[22:50] The adrenal glands, cortisol and stress.

[23:45] How stress impacts our bodies.

[26:24] Thyroid dysfunction.

[29:54] Improvements when thyroid function starts to achieve balance.

[30:30] The difference between skipping meals and time restrictive eating.

[31:52] Why Keto might not the best diet for you.

[33:14] Simple dietary interventions.

[35:38] Gluten and dairy free diet for treating Hashimoto.

[36:37] Naturopathic interventions to help optimize the entire body.

[39:39] Retrain your system on how to relax.

[40:35] Vitamins to support your hormones.

[42:25] Keeping your hormones as balanced as possible.

[44:05] Learn to say “no”.

[47:18] Dr. Sarah favorite learning lesson.

[49:10] Rapid fire questions.

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“TSH is not made in your thyroid, it is made by your brain, so measuring TSH to know about your thyroid function is insufficient.” #therebelpodcast #TSH #thyroid

“The thyroid is the regulator of our bodie’s temperature.” #therebelpodcast #thyroid #bodytemperature

“Stress is not just happening in your brain, it is affecting your entire body.” #therebelpodcast #stress #naturopathicmedicine

“Your adrenal glands are like the gas tank in your car and cortisol is the fuel.” #therebelpodcast #adrenals #cortisol

“Retrain your system in how to relax with 5 or 10 minutes of staying still.” #therebelpodcast #relax #stress #still

“What you can be consistent with will give you long term results.” #therebelpodcast #changes #consistency