Tamara Hackett is an author, illustrator, Meditation Teacher, Designer and seeker of purpose in everything she does. As a creative, Tamara understands the world through imagery and thoughtful design. She puts feeling into her work, hoping to create space in people’s lives for them to experience life with eyes and hearts wide open. Along with her all-original design work, Tamara created a variety of books for adults, children and everyone in-between.

Mindfulness is like building a muscle, a practice that you continuously have to exercise to strengthen the skill. Starting at a young age to connect with intuition and learning to recognize feelings, emotions and bodily sensations associated with them, gives children the strength to overcome daily challenges and a lifelong skill that will always enrich their lives.

In this wonderful episode, Tamara and Michelle talk about mindful practices not only for children but for parents, their benefits and the meaningful connections that can be created as a result of being more present and opened to our inner worlds.

Key Takeaways:

[2:41] Tamara’s passion for art therapy.

[4:18] Mindful ABC’s for children to connect.

[8:05] Feedback from families and children.

[10:41] Incorporating mindfulness into daily life.

[11:32] Mindful 123.

[13:50] Mindfulness is like building a muscle.

[15:45] Connecting with your inner world.

[16:05] How did Tamara start mindfulness practices?

[19:40] Setting boundaries as a parent to be present.

[20:15] Gratitude practice.

[25:06] Helping children foster their intuition about their bodies.

[27:54] Building trust in yourself.

[29:15] How did Tamara become a published author?

[33:20] A challenge that Tamara is grateful for.

[34:48] Tamara’s favorite teacher.

[35:21] Non-rebellious, non-conformist.

[36:21] Rapid fire questions.

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Tamara Hackett

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