There are a lot of great dads out there contributing to their families in the best way. That is why this episode is dedicated to fathers, and Michelle is welcoming her husband, Keith Timson, to talk about the experience, challenges and great journey for men that have the privilege to be called fathers!

Key Takeaways:

[4:05] Keith talks about himself.

[6:17] Challenges of being a parent.

[7:52] Keep the connection with your true purpose.

[12:11] Being a leader in the family.

[16:37] What you wish you have done more?

[18:57] Own who you are.

[20:57] It is ok to be wrong.

[25:10] Creating a safe place and listening to your children.

[29:02] Getting stuck and seeking for help.

[29:54] Being humble.

[32:23] Being comfortable with your own flaws.

[33:32] Paternity leave.

[38:37] Feeling immerse in your baby’s world.

[39:48] Imbalance in appreciation of parents.

[41:52] Dealing with boundaries.

[45:22] You just stop and everything works out.

[48:22] Freedom of time.

[49:08] Favorite thing about being a dad

[50:22] Follow your heart!

[51:15] Expectations.

[52:14] Favorite mistake.

[53:35] What makes Keith rebellious?

[54:25] Rapid fire questions

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