“… and when we tap into our heart coherence which is a high vibration, a more stable frequency of the brain, more of an alpha wave, where babies and young children before the age of 7 hang out, this is a very chill state and this is a place where we can actually enter into, like another world.”

Jen Oliver created the FitMama personal training and group coaching movement based on years of experience in the fitness industry where she helped thousands of people lose weight, get stronger and change their lives. She saw a need for more education on safe exercise practices during pregnancy and post-partum to avoid the often debilitating consequences of unsafe exercises that are all too common. As a trainer, nutritionist, coach and mom herself, Jen knows what it takes to strengthen the body from the inside out. With breathing techniques and safe exercises, Jen has been helping  women restore their core to a place where they feel even stronger than before they had kids.

Dr. Michelle Peris and Jen Oliver engage in a powerful conversation about women learning to embrace and love themselves, becoming aware of unconscious and detrimental habits and thoughts that prevent them from enjoying their lives to the fullest. Jen gives practical tools to start listening to your body and inner voice, to get deeply connected to what you really want and to set healthy boundaries from what is not serving you anymore.

Key Takeaways:

[3:35] Jen Oliver talks about her personal journey.

[5:50] Reconnecting with your core after giving birth.

[6:55] Embracing the phase where you are in.

[7:18] Being in a body that you love.

[7:50] The disconnect between what it is and what you wish it could be.

[8:23] Emotional fitness.

[10:31] Superficial vs Deep (muscles and thoughts).

[12:28] Learning to listen to your body.

[13:20] Tools to get into the deeper core of motherhood.

[16:14] Learning to ask for help the hard way.

[17:40] Letting go and surrendering.

[18:53] Tackling the athlete brain.

[22:07] When pushing harder is not the answer.

[23:30] Cultivating a more positive mindset.

[23:58] Heart, math and coherence.

[26:08] Broadening and build.

[26:55] Becoming aware of subconscious patterns.

[27:25] “How can I get your body back?”

[30:15] Embracing and enjoy.

[30:58] Simple strategies to help women to actually truly enjoy.

[32:11] Setting boundaries and establishing your obligations.

[34:14] Create awareness about what is not working for you.

[35:24] Stop, breathe and say “no”.

[37:19] How to love yourself to the core: The chocolate cake example.

[44:10] Our kids can be our greatest teachers.

[44:45] Jen talks about being a rebel.

[47:08] Jen shares her unique family ways.

[50:01] Tell your story!

[50:47] Rapid fire questions.

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