This episode talks about the importance of cultivating community as a pillar for health for women and the transformations resulting from people collaborating and leaning on each other, getting strength and identification while transiting through challenges.

Community is not easy to achieve but on the other side, social isolation is proven to be a leading cause of mortality, even more than smoking, poor diet, or alcohol consumption.

Rebel Tribe was born with a goal in mind, building a community for women for a ten month program, offering sisterhood and self care as a path to tap into our divines femininities and reclaiming our “wild”, which is the innate sense of knowing who we are, what our needs are and how to fulfill them.

Community is medicine, it can revolutionize your health, helping you to claim back your power and own your story fully, with both sides, the one that we are proud of and the side that we sometimes choose to leave in the shadows due to guilt, shame or embarrassment.

Listen to this episode to understand the impact social isolation has on your health and to be inspired to seek the support of an authentic community, one that helps you to tap into your feminine power and to embrace your own unique story.

Key Takeaways:

[4:02] The Poppy Clinic, integrative practice and community.

[5:20] Going through challenges along with a community.

[7:34] Social isolation as a leading cause of mortality.

[8:07] Rebel tribe: sisterhood and self care

[9:45] The power of intuition

[10:30] Community is medicine.

[11:30] Embrace your own story.

[12:15] Balancing masculine and femenine energies.

[15:45] Own your power.

[18:15] The importance of choosing the right people to surround you.

[18:45] The impact  of isolation on our healths.

[22:40] Your perceived social isolation and your actual social situation is interpreted in the same way by your body.

[23:31] Community is free medicine, accessible to everyone.

[24:10] Risks of isolation.

[27:17] Connect to your mission and purpose.

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When was the last time you felt truly cared for, like your health provider is invested in helping you find the root cause of your dis-ease and is offering common sense solutions to your problems?

The Poppy Clinic thinks you need an innovative approach to understanding why you are experiencing symptoms in the first place, offering functional tests to help provide the answers that you need and solutions that make sense for your life. At The Poppy Clinic, we believe you deserve to thrive in your health and be an invested member in your healthcare partnership. We are an integrative healthcare team providing services such as naturopathic medicine, holistic medicine, nutrition, IV vitamin therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, scar release therapy and live cell blood analysis. Since we believe community is imperative for transforming your health, we also provide unique community health services: our women’s group Rebel Tribe, a 6 week meditation series, solstice meditation, group nutrition services and mom and baby yoga.

We want to transform your healthcare experience, and we believe that you deserve such clarity in your health that you can separate poppy seeds from soil — and now you know where the clinic name comes from!

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