September is the perfect time of year to ground your ideas and put them on paper or to express your wishes out loud as a way of helping them manifest. Dr. Michelle Peris shares how this practice has been having a tremendous impact on her and her practice.

Sometimes it can be scary to dream big and aim for big targets. In this episode, Dr. Michelle talks about anxiety and fear, and how they can be signs that growth is about to happen. Confidence and clarity are achieved through action and creation, it is needed most of the time to start before feeling ready. Dr. Michelle shares how experiencing anxiety, impostor syndrome and fear of rejection while starting something new, can prevent us from reaching our true potential.

Listen to this awesome episode and get the right inspiration to share your magic with the world and pursue your wildest dreams.


Key Takeaways:

[6:34] Dr. Michelle Peris talks about struggling with anxiety.

[7:18] Launch before you are ready.

[8:16] Fear.

[9:03] Fear of rejection.

[10:52] Connect with your mission.

[11:50] Using anxiety as a metric of growth.

[13:45] You are a leader in your own life.


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“We tend to be more successful in goal setting in September rather than in January.” #therebelpodcast #goalsetting #success

“Put your wishes on paper to help them manifest.” #therebelpodcast #wish #write #manifest

“Anxiety shows that there is an opportunity to stretch and grow.” #therebelpodcast #anxiety #growth

“Confidence equals action, and action equals creation.” #therebelpodcast #confidence #action #creation

“You are a leader in your own life whether you see it or not.” #therebelpodcast #leader #influence