“Digestion is such much about how we are digesting our lives, so if you are not digesting well, you are not digesting your life well”

Dr. Marisol, ND  is a world leader in natural medicine.  An expert with a passion for cleansing and gut health, not only because she has a degree on the wall but more so because she’s experienced feeling shitty and figured out the hierarchy on how to get healthy.  

She has been coronated as the “Queen of Thrones”.For over 15 years, she has been instrumental in the training and education of thousands of health care practitioners worldwide and has helped thousands of patients transition from SHIT SHOW  to OWNING their throne. 

With the launch of her first book, OH, SHIT! Dr. Marisol promises to change lives royally by reducing the anxiety and stress that irritates the  bowels so people can regain their natural rhythms, improve their digestion and end the irritation once and for all.

Dr. Marisol directs and practices at Sanas Health Practice in Canada, has spearheaded PuraSanas a line of pure and illuminating health supplements,  tools and teas distributed in health food stores, yoga studios,  medical offices and online.  

In this episode Dr. Marisol talks about her personal journey, breaking down why your health digestion is strictly related to your emotions and lifestyle. Dr. Marisol openly talks about the ideal poop, following the three categories of stool: how it feels, the frequency and its size and characteristics. It is our responsibility to take our health in our own hands and learning to identify the messages our stools are giving us about our digestive and overall health.

Key Takeaways:

[6:25] Dr. Marisol talks about her journey becoming the “Queen of Thrones” 

[10:05] Gaining back her confidence.

[14:53] Being grateful for every step of your path.

[15;31] The importance of adjust your word choices.

[17:38] The consequences of living up to other people’s standards.

[19:13] Supplements do not solve the foundational health problem .

[20:05] The characteristic of stools.

[22:24] The royal flush

[23:12] The aspects of whipping and smell.

[25:06] The eleven standards of poop.

[26:23] Three categories for stool: feeling, frequency and size/characteristics.

[27:32] Color, transit time and smell.

[29.27] Pay attention to green stools.

[31:48] Hashimotos and how it shows in your stools.

[33:54] The smell of your stools is an indicator of the bacteria in your system.

[36:11] The power of understanding your own stools.

[36:57] The green smoothie challenge to know the health of your stomach acids.

[43:19] Have complete faith that you can achieve your best health.

[44:02] Castor oil packs.

[45:29] Digestion, absorption and elimination.

[46:32] Antioxidants.

[47:33] Castor oil is the best carrier oil.

[48:28] Keeping your inflammation balance.

[49:01] Tension and stress reduction.

[50:07] Reduce your cortisol with castor oil packs.

[53:12] Sleep mask

[53:45] Castor oil holds microbiome balance.

[57:35] The goal is for patients not having the need to see Dr. Marisol often.

[58:42] What makes Dr. Marisol rebellious? 

[59:35] Rapid fire questions

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The Poppy Clinic thinks you need an innovative approach to understanding why you are experiencing symptoms in the first place, offering functional tests to help provide the answers that you need and solutions that make sense for your life. At The Poppy Clinic, we believe you deserve to thrive in your health and be an invested member in your healthcare partnership. We are an integrative healthcare team providing services such as naturopathic medicine, holistic medicine, nutrition, IV vitamin therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, scar release therapy and live cell blood analysis. Since we believe community is imperative for transforming your health, we also provide unique community health services: our women’s group Rebel Tribe, a 6 week meditation series, solstice meditation, group nutrition services and mom and baby yoga.

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“Do not underestimate the importance of adjusting your word choices.”#therebelpodcast #words #choices

“We live in a constant stress state when we live up to other people’s expectations.” #therebelpodcast #stress #expectations

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“Through creation is how we get more connect with our divinity and soul.”#therebelpodcast #creativity #divinity #soul

“The smell of your stools is an indicator of the bacteria in your system”#therebelpodcast #smell #poop #bacteria

“Have complete faith that you can achieve your best health.”#therebelpodcast #faith #health

“Castor oil is the best carrier oil.”#therebelpodcast #castoroil #health #digestion