Anne Matthews is the founder of Energy Tree Studios, she is an acupuncturist , her background is in traditional chinese medicine. She is also a fitness coach and as you will hear in this interview, she is an open and true human being, who carries a funny and vibrant energy combined with a deep knowledge and expertise in regards to health and healing.. 

During this conversation Michelle and Ann talk about fertility, hormones, menstrual cycles and tracking, as well as their own families, health and nutrition. 

Listen to this episode for a fun, energetic, deep and real talk. You will not only find how richly Western and Eastern medicine work when they are combined with the purpose of understanding the signs that our bodies manifest, but you will also have the opportunity to meet two authentic human beings who are not afraid to show their flaws and vulnerabilities. 

Key Takeaways:

[7:25] Anne Matthews talks about her professional background.

[10:20] How is hormonal imbalance treated with chinese medicine?

[12:53] The tongue examination.

[14:01] Western and eastern perspectives to approach hormonal imbalances.

[16:03] A healthy mom will have a healthy baby.

[18:34] Testings.

[20:32] When tests make you anxious.

[21:58] Start tracking your menstrual cycles.

[25:53] A happy period from Chinese medicine standpoint.

[26:59] Anne talks about her cycle.

[29:53] Liver Qi Stagnation

[33:22] We are made out of energy and that energy needs to move.

[38:03] Spleen Qi deficiency

[41:00] Steamed carrot vs raw carrot nutritional values

[44:45] Boundaries and isolation.

[54:15] Anne talks about her pregnancies.

[58:50] We tend to hide sadness.

[1:00:20] The importance of connection and communication.

[1:06:04] Feeling you are not enough.

[1:07:52] Anne’s favorite challenge that propelled her forward.

[1:12:17] What makes Anne rebellious?

[1:13:06] Rapid fire questions.


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