Amira Posner has a Masters in Social Work and is dedicating her career to help and support women struggling with infertility. Amira has developed and facilitates “The Mind-Body Fertility Group” and the Fab Fertile: Mindfulness Fertility series. Having been on her own journey of secondary infertility, she has a very unique lens through which she supports women on their journey. In today’s episode, Michelle and Amira explore deeper emotions associated with infertility such as anger, anxiety, depression, jealousy, and shame. They also talk about the fertile body method, the mind-body connection and the ways healing can be facilitated with her framework called “letting go coping” as well as all the mind-body modalities available for individuals going through a challenging time. Amira also leads the audience into a brief meditation so you can experience how Amira provides mind-body wellness for her community.

Key Takeaways:

[5:22] Amira shares her personal and professional journey.

[8:45] Supporting and empowering women through the mind-body fertility group.

[10:10] Helping women to distinguish what they can control and what they can’t in their fertility journey.

[11:47] The act of surrender is to let go and trust.

[13:36] The magic of finding collaboration and normalization over an experience.

[15:14] Mindfulness-based practices applied to lower stress levels.

[18:15] Acceptance comes hand-in-hand with mindfulness.

[18:35] Cognitive restructuring for couples going through their fertility journey.

[20:31] Amira teaches women to use self-hypnosis at home when they need it.

[22:39] Amira’s work supporting couples learn how to hold on to the things that are under their control.

[23:33] Learning to deal with difficult emotions such as shame, jealousy, and feeling defected.

[25:55] Amira talks about the amazing benefits for women participating in her community.

[28:44] Amira talks us through a guided meditation.

[31:01] Amira shares a perceived failure in her life that propelled her forward.

[32:02] Amira talks about her mentor: Tara Brach.

[33:44] What makes Amira rebellious?

[34:01] Rapid fire questions.

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“Surrender to the kind of control you cannot have.” #therebelpodcast #surrender #fertility “mindfulness

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“Take your own pain and turn it into your power.”#therebelpodcast #pain #power

“Acceptance is a big part of mindfulness, accepting what you are experiencing even though you might not like it neither chose it.”#therebelpodcast #acceptance #mindfulness

“1 out of 6 couples experience infertility”#therebelpodcast #infertility “When in women community circles we normalize an experience, share openly and create a space of vulnerability, the story is transformed from trauma and shame to being propelled in the healing process.” #therebelpodcast #community #women #vulnerability #trauma #healing