Dr. Krista Burns is the co-founder of the American Posture Institute and author of The Posture Principles: Posture by Design, not by Circumstance. In today’s episode, she offers a completely unique idea: Digital Dementia, a concept that defines how technology and the overuse of digital media is affecting our brains and de-evolving our posture. This is a relevant and eye-opening conversation, which aims to bring more awareness to the stresses that affect our modern-day functioning and physiology. 

In this show you will hear about:

● Technique and neurological disorders,

● Cognitive decline as a result of the overuse of technology, 

● The average time children are spending on technology every day (and what is recommended).

● How the use of technology impacts our brains.

● Recognizing tech fatigue.

● Viable solutions to families.

Key Takeaways:

[5:45] Dr. Krista talks about her personal and professional journey. 

[7:26] Postural changes and how they are affecting us.

[10:04] Research shows that there is a decline in cognition as a result of our posture while using technology.

[10:55] Children born in the digital age are predisposed to dementia and cognitive decline.

[12:30] Infants should not be exposed to screens.

[12:38] After the age of 6 children should not spend more than two hours a day on devices and yet the average child uses devices for 7 hours a day.

[13:43] You do not have to get rid of your devices, but exercise healthy boundaries.

[15:18] The connection piece: our communication has dramatically changed in the digital age.

[16:27] If your children are showing signs of withdrawal, it is because there is an addiction.

[17:24] When you are doing fun things you forget that you are not on your device.

[18:14] Three signs of tech-fatigue:

1. Technique posture.

2. Is your family spending more than two hours a day with their devices for recreational use?

3. Behavioral changes.

[22:08] How our brains are being stimulated by using technology.

[23:50] What happens to your brain when you are surrounded by nature and moving your body.

[25:29] Practical ways to safeguard our children from digital dementia: 

1. Take Digital detox doses.

2. Monitor screen time.

3. Take posture breaks.

4. Move more.

[32:30] Dr. Krista recommends blue light blockers.

[33:55] Blue light is affecting our melatonin levels.

[35:18] Dr. Krista talks about the active sitting solution.

[36:20] What makes Dr. Krista so passionate about what she does.

[38:01] What makes Dr. Krista rebellious?

[38:27] Rapid fire questions.

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