Kate Robichaud is a clean beauty advocate, she started on this path after realizing during her first pregnancy that her baby experienced a disease caused by environmental toxins, due to this condition her newborn daughter had to go through several surgeries in her first months of life.

Kate became involved in Beautycounter since she personally was struggling as a consumer in really know how to shop, where to look and who to trust, she began as a consumer and rapidly got involved in this awesome Clean Beauty movement, which educates, advocates and provides beauty products that are clean and safe for women’s health.

In this episode you will learn how to shop more consciously to protect yourself and your family from environmental toxins. 

Key Takeaways:

[3:50] Rebel Tribe is going National  starting in January, check out the different cities where meetings will be host or connect with @drmichelleperis

[8:26] Kate talks about her personal journey.

[13:46] Kate shares how she became involved in Beautycounter

[15:52] Three pillars of Beautycounter: Educate, Advocate and Provide clean cosmetic products.

[17:54] Why is clean beauty so important?

[19:20] An average woman uses 12 skin products which include more than 168 ingredients.

[20:05] How to become a more conscious consumer.

[20:48] What fragrance is really about.

[22:57] Tools you can use when you are shopping: download Beautycounter Never List or the EWG´s Healthy Living App

[24:03] Support the movement by texting Better Beauty in Canada 70734 and in the US 52886

[31:42] Kate talks about how becoming part of Rebel Tribe helped her start sharing her story with others and the impact it had on her life.

[38:41] Kate realizing her skills as a team builder and a natural leader.

[41:00] Through vulnerability you build community, you build trust and you grow.

[42:22] Kate shares a perceived mistake that served as a lesson and propelled her forward.

[48:40] What makes Kate rebellious?

[51:26] Rapid fire questions

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Quotes and Tweetables: 

“Since World War II there have been 8,000 chemicals that have been introduced into commerce, less than 1% has been studied”#therebelpodcast #chemicals #environmentaltoxins

“Focus on what you can control and don’t worry about what escapes your control”#therebelpodcast #control #environmentaltoxins #consciousshopping

“Our skin is our largest organ, and what you put on it is absorbed into your bloodstream.” #therebelpodcast #skin #consciousshopping

“Reduce your overall exposure to harmful chemicals by learning how to shop for safer products.”#therebelpodcast #chemicals #wiseshopping

“When passion meets purpose amazing things can happen” #therebelpodcast #passion #purpose

“The healing journey is not linear.”#therebelpodcast #healing #notlinear 

“Be willing to show up and be vulnerable, because through vulnerability you build community, you build trust, and you grow.” #therebelpodcast #vulnerability #community #grow