Dr. Amita Sachdev is a Naturopathic Doctor who has a background in nursing, her clinical focus is in cancer care and she offers specialized therapies such as intravenous therapy, mistletoe injections and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

The remarkable thing about Dr. Sachdev is her passion and her ability to provide a unique blend of both conventional medical knowledge with traditional healing wisdom, a truly integrative approach.

In this episode, Dr. Amita Sachdev shares her own journey transiting through postpartum depression and how not living through her core values dimmed her light, she openly talks about how she radically transformed that to be the vibrant and magnetic woman she is today.

Listen to this educational, real and passionate conversation.

Key Takeaways:

[8:26] Dr. Sachdev shares her path into naturopathic medicine, oncology and cancer support.

[13:07] Dr. Sachdev talks about the resistance she sometimes meets working with doctors, hospitals, patients and their families.

[15:11] The naturopathic approach to cancer interventions.

[20:35] When someone is confronted with death, potential death, a terminal illness or a terminal diagnosis a spiritual transformation is created in that person.

[23:05] IV vitamin infusion therapy according to the type of cancer and the drugs the patient is doing.

[26:25] Dr. Sachdev explains how the mistletoe treatment works.

[28:07] How often are people recommended to have IV therapy and mistletoe?

[29:00] The community factor in cancer treatment.

[32:43] Dr. Sachdev talks about how she personally handles the attachment with patients.

[36:13] Dr. Sachdev shares her motivation for writing her book.

[41:47] Going through hard times along with the support of amazing people who accept and love you.

[43:20] Traumatic events give you the chance to stop and reflect.

[44:06] We would rather do what is easier than what is hard.

[47:33] The power of authenticity.

[50:08] A challenge that propelled Dr. Sachdev forward.

[51:18] What makes Dr. Sachdev rebellious?

[53:00] Rapid fire questions.

[59:04] Spirituality as a tool for life.

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