Jodie Peacock is a naturopathic doctor, she has a special interest in women’s health concerns, supporting women’s hormones, adrenal, thyroid, and ovarian function. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the realm of fertility, PCOS, menopause, waking, and fatigue. Dr. Peacock’s background is in sports medicine and she is the author of the book Preconceived: A Step-By-Step Guide to Enhancing Your Fertility and Preparing Your Body for a Healthy Baby which she wrote to support couples through the wealth of research on the impact of diet and lifestyle changes with regards to conception. Dr. Peacock knows that preconception health is critical to ensure the optimal health of future generations.

In this episode, Dr. Peacock and Michelle talk about fertility but most of all about health optimization.

Key Takeaways:

[9:22] Dr. Peacock talks about her professional career.

[13:41] Why fertility has become a wide subject matter.

[15:20] When people consult with regards to fertility.

[18:12] Couples need to be willing to work together during the preconception time.

[21:20] Aspects you should be considering if you are thinking of having a baby.

[22:54] The diet and protein intake needed during preconception.

[23:33] Tests that are recommended for couples that are planning to conceive.

[25:50] When to and not to detox.

[27:24] Dr. Peacock explains how different nutrients impact egg quality.

[28:13] Environmental toxins people should be mindful of when it comes to preconception.

[30:03] AMH levels and their relationship to stress.

[33:47] Supplementation during the preconception, prenatal and perinatal stages.

[35:55] Recommendation for women diagnosed with PCOS.

[38:45] How often Dr. Peacock talks with patients about genetic testing?

[39:40] Dr. Peacock shares a case example of a woman who went through 9 miscarriages.

[43:41] Thyroid dysfunction and its relation to infertility.

[45:30] 3rd Annual Canadian Fertility Show on February 22nd.

[52:27] Dr. Peacock talks about a mistake that propelled her forward.

[55:59] What makes Dr. Peacock rebellious?

[56:39] Rapid fire questions.

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Preconceived: A Step-By-Step Guide to Enhancing Your Fertility and Preparing Your Body for a Healthy Baby, Jody Peacock

3rd Annual Canadian Fertility Show on February 22nd.

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