Adele Tevlin is the Founder and CEO of Adele Wellness. She has an incredible background in Cognitive
Behavioral Therapy and Neuropsychology and is also a holistic nutritionist. Her passion is to encourage
people to achieve their highest state of being. As a pattern interrupter and behavioral expert, she helps
people change their habits, behaviors, and beliefs leading to transformations in their personal and
professional lives.

Adele has the incredible ability to assist people in tapping into the core wounds and imprints that are
holding them back from true joy and happiness.

During this awesome conversation, Michelle and Adele talk about:
● The subconscious is in charge;
● Blind spots (areas of our lives we cannot see for ourselves);
● The work on our mindsets as a necessary step to grow and evolve;
● The link between mind and body;
● The storage of memories and emotions in our cells;
● Brain neuroplasticity.

Key Takeaways:
[7:23] Adele Tevlin talks about her personal and professional journey.
[10:31] What is mindset?
[11:40] Why we tend to do “Worst Case Scenario” thinking.
[12:40] Where are you choosing to focus your attention?
[13:58] Your subconscious mind records everything that ever happened to you.
[15:23] The ego hijacks you.
[16:20] When you focus on the ego and the pain, you are amplifying them.
[16:53] There is no status quo emotionally, you’re either feeding your ego or your higher self.
[18:34] Your mind is all over your body.
[20:48] Self-judgement is ego-driven and ego-conditioning.
[23:40] 0 to 7-year-olds are tapped into pure consciousness and potential, and they are greatly
influenced by their parents/caregivers.
[27:05] Limiting beliefs are superficial but core wounds are structural.
[27:55] Identities are not fixed, they have plasticity.
[29:45] You can’t solve a problem from the same level it was created.
[30:25] Awareness is about slowing down and observing what we are experiencing.
[31:50] Adele leads an experimental exercise with the audience to slow down thinking.
[36:54] True transformation happens when you can sit with the discomfort of your thoughts.
[39:56] Learn to hold space and not to embody low vibration.
[41:23] The ego-mind tells you that everything has to be at the expense of something else.
[43:33] Loving yourself first enables you to have the capacity to love someone else.
[45:28] Love is infinite.
[50:25] You can rewire your brain.
[51:09] Adele’s definition of happiness.
[52:38] What makes Adele rebellious?
[55:23] Rapid fire questions.

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Quotes and Tweetables:
“You are not your thoughts.” #therebelpodcast #identity #thoughts
“Energy flows where our attention goes.”#therebelpodcast #energy #focus #mindset
“Our survival brain is always scanning for danger.” #therebelpodcast #danger #survival #mindset
“You are either feeding your ego or your higher self, there are no neutralities.” #therebelpodcast #ego
#higherself #attention #focus
“People think that their identities are fixed.” #therebelpodcast #identity #flexibility #change
“When we slow down our thoughts we create space between our reactions, our emotions and our
behavior.” #therebelpodcast #slowdown #reaction #behavior #feelings #CBT
“True transformation happens when you can be in the discomfort of your thinking.” #therebelpodcast #
transformation #discomfort #mind #thinking