Dr. Leigha Saunders is a naturopathic doctor who believes we all deserve to create the life we want with
the health we need; your health is your greatest wealth. Dr. Saunders affirms that when you combine
ambition with self-worth, you recognize what health truly means and you can create it.

In this episode, Dr. Saunders dives deep into the most common sleep difficulties women might face
during different stages in their lives, specifically during postpartum and perimenopause.

Dr. Saunders shares how a healthy routine should look like, the meaning and functions of the different
stages of sleep, how to optimize your sleep, tools to identify your chronotype and many practical tips you
can put into action today to improve the quality of your sleep.

Key Takeaways:
[7:01] Dr. Saunders shares her personal and professional journey.
[8:46] Most women suffer from sleep disturbances.
[10:01] Sleep in perimenopausal women.
[10:40] Sleep is the one that tells us how well our nervous systems are functioning.
[15:15] How does a healthy routine look like?
[17:58] Dr. Saunders explains the different stages of sleep
[19:58] Negative outcomes when we are REM deprived.
[23:49] Discover your chronotype.
[25:11] Dr. Saunders explains the hormonal features of sleep during perimenopause.
[27:12] Decompress during the day, not when your head hits the pillow.
[28:53] The health implications of sleeping pills and medication after using them long term.
[33:01] Herbs and nutrients can calm the nervous system.
[33:37] Tips to have a better sleep.
[37:13] Almost 60% of women experience some sort of sleep disturbance through menopause.
[39:40] The benefits of hormone replacement therapy.
[41:35] As women we tend to give and help people all the time, do it in a way that is not self-destructive
by creating healthy boundaries.
[48:30] You have to prioritize sleep.
[48:56] Dr. Saunders shares a perceived mistake that propelled her forward
[50:47] What makes Dr. Saunders rebellious?
[51:20] Rapid fire questions

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“Almost 60% of women experience some sort of sleep disturbance through menopause.”
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